PSALMS 23 Your Name Here

This is probably one of the most quoted chapters in the Bible.  Indeed it is probably quoted so much that perhaps we stop paying attention to the actual words.  I mean if you repeat the 23rd Psalms every day and can say it word for word in whatever version of the Bible you read, although it is most quoted from the KJV; you would think that the message would be engraved on your heart.  Not necessarily.  Think of it this way.  The author is declaring that the Lord is His God.  Now put your name into every My or I, make it personal. Declare that the Lord is your God.  God provides for (your name here).  God gives (your name here) rest. God directs (your name here) path.  He protects (Your name here).  He saves (your name here).  He sets a feast for (your name here) in the presence of (your name here) enemies.  (your name here ) will not fear evil because (your name here)’s God is with you. Just remeber that despite the name, it is still one God.  Your God is the same as the one mentioned in Psalms, it is the same as the guy next to you. Yet (your name here)’s relationship with God, the one and only God is personal, private, yet it is also public. This is the result of a living OMNIPRESENT GOD.


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