Rebooting is for more than just Computers

As an experienced IT professional, I often heard the question did you reboot it?  Of course I rebooted.  But there were times when if you rebooted, you failed.  Like the blue screen of death.  In the old days, (about 7 years ago) if you rebooted at the blue screen of death, then the computer was in an eternal loop and there was nothing to be done about it but to ghost the machine.  Ghosting a machine means everything has to be reinstalled.  But if you had not rebooted, there was a set of command that could be implemented and the computer would not go into an eternal “starting windows” loop.  No data was lost.  This generally caught most people because the “battle cry” with Microsoft products was reboot, let the computer restart and most problems fixed themselves.  The blue screen of death does not necessarily mean death.

That is how it is with our spiritual life, sometimes we need to reboot.  This entails, going back to the basics.  You probably won’t have to stay with the basics for very long; it depends on how far away you have drifted.  It is normal for a Christian to drift sometimes.  We all do.  We get out of the habit of prayer, or reading our Bibles regularly.  We get away from feeding our Spiritual life.  It just happens.  Even though I have studied for years, read chapters a day for some time; when I get away from studying and having quiet time with God, I have to start at the beginning. I don’t mean that I have to go back to Genesis and start reading the Bible all over again; it means that I have to refocus communicating with God.  I have to spend time focusing on God and reading just one verse a day, like I did in the beginning. I have to spend time in prayer.  Adding every day to my reading and prayer time. Soon I am back up and operating just as I had before the freeze.  Just as a computer freezes all the time if you don’t perform regular maintenance, so does our connection with God.  If we do not maintain it, it freezes and we have to reboot and start at the beginning.  We don’t have to stay at the beginning, you will know when it is okay to move forward. Try to not let it freeze again keep up the maintenance.  But if you do let it freeze up, your relationship with God; don’t spend days or weeks b eating yourself up about it.  Just press that ole restart button and get back on the horse.


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