It only takes a spark for the Light to return to brightness.

Currently, I am reading a book which talks about hearing the voice of God. How do we tell when God is talking to us.  Is it our voice going off in our heads with an idea? Is it Satan tempting us away from God? Or is it really God?  One of the first things that it tells us to do is to start our prayer time with worship.  It mentions listen to  Christian music.  Whatever type of Christian music that you find puts your mind into the spirit of worship.  Sometimes I like to listen to Jim Nabors sing “How Great Thou Art”. (yes I know he is gay, I don’t think it changes how I hear the song).  As long as I focus on the words; the rest does not matter.  God gave him that voice. I also like to hear Elvis sing “Amazing Grace” forget about what he became, focus on the words.  There are other more current songs, people like Big Daddy Weave- to think I avoided his music because his name sounded gangster. There is that Irish guy, with the accent so thick when he is speaking that you can hardly understand what he is saying  – We are Messenger-but when he sings, his voice is what reminded me of those old singers that took a sad turn in their lives away from God. We can’t throw out what God created just because the person involved took a sad turn in their lives. Who stopped watching  Robin Williams just because we found out he really was not happy?  Sometimes a life starts out Christian and turns sour they depart from the ways of the Light.  Sometimes a life starts out rough and turns to Jesus. People such as Tim Alan. Did you know he has spent hard time in prison?  Listen to his latest show, he has become bolder mentioning the Bible.  You can tell not all of his co-workers are on board, but it is after all his show and he is using his money to gently remind people about God.  Although lately it is much more pronounced as he argues with is “atheist” son-in-law. There are other actors/actresses who are using their influence and money to push Christian agendas on their shows.  Unfortunately for each of those, there are 10 pushing a negative, non-christian agenda where things such as premarital sex seem to be the norm. So I asked myself does the worship have to take the form of Music?  I feel as if when I write this blog, I am worshiping God.  I have friends that paint very beautiful paintings in front of a congregation during the worship or celebration service. That is worship.  However, I think that for many music stirs their souls and therefore music is the key to starting prayer.  I mean David wrote how many songs of Praise to God?  Yet some of what David wrote was written far away from the sound of any music.  Maybe the music needs to be in our heart.  Because once we invite Jesus to live in our hearts, nothing can snuff out that light except for us.  And the truth is when that light has been dimmed, it is like a campfire that has been dying down.  If you add fuel to the fire that poof the fire is big again.  That is how it is with God, even though we have been unfaithful and away for a while, it only takes a spark for the Light to start shining brightly. So whatever it takes to keep that Light shining Brightly, take time out of your busy schedule to feed the LIGHT.


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