Satan the big distractor.

As a young person, I thought it was my responsibility to stand up against every single injustice in the world around me. It made me a very angry person, because I was often insulted, undignified, upset concerning this injustice or that injustice and wondering what I could do about it.  Lately I have been reading in Psalms, specifically 33 and 34.  At the top of 34, I read a Psalm of David when he pretended to be insane before Abimelek and David left.  It speaks of a time when David was fleeing Saul.  Then I think, David fled.  But there are also passages where it says it was not His time so he left the area. (Matthew 12)

I have learned that not every battle is mine.  Sometimes there are people much better suited for a particular battle.  Sometimes I am the one suited for a particular battle.  That tiny voice that I have associated with God, will give me a direction to act.  To speak up concerning an injustice.  If the direction is specific, then I act if it is not, I pray.  I pray and ask God for direction.  If I do not receive direction; then it was the old me piping up.  I saw an injustice and just had to “butte” my way into the problem.  It was not mine to handle yet I just had to get in there. To be in God’s will, we have to ask ourselves, instead of “what can I so about it” to what ” should I do about this, Lord”?

God gave me a big heart.  I cry inside a bit every time I  see someone bullied, or abused. I feel as if an injustice has occurred when  I hear this person is passed over for a promotion for someone who is “related” to someone.  I mean seriously don’t you hate it when someone who is well qualified for the job doesn’t get it because someone else is related to or knows someone that is related to someone else who is higher up in the company?  I have just had to realize sometimes life is just like that, all the hard work can backfire.  But God has taught me that so many of the battles, ones I thought were good causes; really were not my battles.  They were/are his.  And As His child, I may or may not have a role in this battle past the role of observer or PRAYER CHAMPION.    Maybe my only role was to pray and ask God if I should do something.  I think you would be surprised about the number of incidental things, things that really don’t seem to matter to my life, that I pray about on a daily basis that is when I am closely listening to the Lord.  It is funny really he gave me a big heart, but my role is to pray.  SOMETIMES I IGNORE MY PRIME DIRECTIVE.: to be a prayer champion.  This is a typical day after being at work.  A child is dressed in shabby looking clothes.  Talk to that student make them feel special and pray for them as the Spirit directs.  A child is being bullied: bring the bullying to light, sometimes using the whole class and turn it into an anti-bullying lesson. Sometimes just with the child, it depends on how the Holy Spirit prompts.  of Course, this is within the confines of the classroom and following the lesson plan, it is not as if I stop everything to do this.  I do these things as an opportunity arises.  If it doesn’t then it is not God’s plan for me to do anything but pray about the situation.  See sometimes our role is to ask God to do something about the situation.  I have a friend that would ask, well if God is all-knowing, and all-seeing, then why would I have to pray to get the problem on God’s radar?  I think the answer is because God likes to be asked, he likes us to ask Him to move.  When we pray and say God here is a hungry lonely child; what should I do Lord? One of two things happens, either he gives us a course of action or not.  If he does not it is not because he does not care.  Someone much closer to the situation, needs the growth experience.  maybe they have seen the problem, but it just never occurred to them to do anything.  Maybe their spirit needs to find the joy in giving.  Maybe the Spirit has not yet shown them what to do.  In the case of the hungry child, I make sure they are on the school’s radar.  Maybe it is a child that has gone unnoticed. Then I pray that the regular teacher sees the problem and is given a solution.  The regular teacher after all is in a much better position to bring about long-term change.  The bottom line is this:  If you are always running around fighting for this cause or another STOP. Unless you are independently wealth and God has given you the calling to take on these problems you are doing yourself more harm than good. It has to be your calling.   Reading about how David did nothing in a grave situation, made me realize that it is not always my job.  I have to do the job that God gave me.  This does not mean that I should do nothing, it just means that what I am supposed to do is not always my instinct.  I have to learn, like David, to listen to the Lord’s prompting. I have to act on what he tells me to do.  I have to remember that Satan is always trying to distract me from my PRIME DIRECTIVE. Satan wants us to be distracted from the work that God chose just for us. He wants us to interfere with the work God has given others to do.  Don’t be distracted by a new situation without praying first.  This could just be Satan’s little trap to steer you away from doing the things God has placed in front of YOU>


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  1. It is often very hard to stay focused. Especially when we have news coming to us 24/7. Social media pressing at us. Email, Blogs, Vlogs. Sometimes we just get so busy being busy we don’t even take time to hear GOD.


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