Quality or Quantity?

Proverbs 28:1  The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

I love reading proverbs, it is one of those books of the Bible that I could read for hours.  Providing that I had the time.  I enjoy reading all the tidbits of knowledge left by Solomon for us to read.  The bits of knowledge that he recorded led by God, to teach us how to live.  I just wish the organization where different.  You know, whole sections, dedicated to marriage, gaining wealth, being upright, basically if there is something you should do; it is in there.  There is also a vast wealth of knowledge of what you shouldn’t do.  There is advice in chapter 28 for leaders as well.

Proverbs 28: 2 When a country is rebellious, it has many rulers, but a ruler with  discernment and knowledge maintains order.

We are a rebellious nation.  First God was taken out of schools, the workplace, and even some Christian churches have become wishy-washy about what the Word states.  There are groups that are rebellious against the government.  Clearly our leaders need more discernment and knowledge.   It seems as if most of the world has some sort of anarchy or another.  The point is Proverbs is a wonderful part of the Bible.  It is full of knowledge and wisdom, it was written by the wisest man.  I am very thankful that God gave him this wisdom and that Solomon listened when God told him to share the wisdom and knowledge.

Still I can not help but to wish it was in what I would consider a more organized manner. Instead some of the wisdom is repeated chapter after chapter, one verse at a time.  Maybe that is the point we need to have the wisdom and knowledge handed to us, a tiny tidbit at a time so it is absorbed into our thick skulls.  I guess that is why I have never been able to stick to reading the whole Bible in a year.  I want to absorb every morsel, think about every verse. Sometimes I will take days thinking about something I have read.  Sometimes it is only a matter of hours, and other times what I read bounces off of my eyes and seems meaningless.  It all depends on what I need at that very moment.  The Holy Spirit will lead us to the right place for us when we are open to His promptings. When I listen to the Holy Spirit about what I should read, then I find enrichment and with the Bible, quality is much better than quantity.



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