Diary of a crazy Lady: facing giants

I have this song in my head.  It talks about facing giants.  It seems as if every day there is a giant to face down.  When you suffer from pain every day that pain is a giant.  I could stay in bed, but that just makes it worse.  I have to get up, I have to move I have to do things. I have a friend that suffers from migraines, a giant that she has to face every single day. If you struggle with addiction, a giant you face every day.  The list goes on. Each of you has a giant to face every single day.  The evil one likes to focus on those giants and try to tell us they are too big.  But they are not too big.  God is OMNIPRESENT. How is anything too big for God? He is everywhere. When the giant seems to big, read some scripture.  Even if it is just the verse of the day on an app on your phone.  That is all it takes for God to give you courage to take the next step to take the next breath. I love that song ” Just breathe”.  During this holiday when everything is so busy, you are running in circles, JUST TAKE A MINUTE AND READ THAT APP AND BREATHE.  God is there he will give you strength. Will the giant go away? No, it will still be there.  The thing is when you lean on God, it becomes Just a thing. Just some pain. Because there are souls to win to influence. YOU CAN’T BE WINNING SOULS IF YOU ARE IN BED!  So go, lean on Jesus and be the best influence in someone’s life that you can be.


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