Filter, the eye of the beholder.

What filter do you use in your daily life?  Most of us have some sort of moral filter, a line we won't cross.  But what filter do you use when you meet someone new. Do you try to see people as they are, or do you see people through your own filter? The answer most... Continue Reading →


I want to live without fear to be Audie Murphy Strong.

Remember when we talked about how many Christians reverted to Jewish ways?  How even we sometimes go back to old ways? It is more comfortable.  Well here in John chapter 9, the parents refused to answer because of their fear. 22 His parents said this because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders, who already had decided... Continue Reading →

It is not a one time effort, those weeds need pulled out DAILY

If you have ever farmed, planted anything in any type of garden; you understand the constant struggle with weeds.  I have explored many options for keeping weeds at bay. Let's start with mulch. Depending on the mulch you use, I really like leaves and grass clippings, but in Nebraska; leaves are not always easy to... Continue Reading →

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