Do you pray?

We hear it so often ” Pray for …” The real question is are you praying for …?  Maybe you asked someone else to pray because you feel they are a stronger prayer warrior.  Maybe you asked someone else to pray because you think God answers their prayers.  When I was a child I thought this was true of my grandma, after all she fasted once a week. Surely, God answered her prayers.  She prayed, like Daniel, three times a day, surely God would answer her prayers.  It was not until, I learned that my grandma had been raised Jewish and was converted to Christianity; that I understood.  All of the sudden the Menorah at Christmas time made sense, so did some of the dishes we ate. (side note, except for bread, my grandmother could not cook).  My mom on the other hand is a wiz in the kitchen. My grandmother could not even make Easter bread.  I know that I said she could cook bread, but think about it.  For Passover, it would have been unleavened bread. See my grandmother like many of us are entrenched in tradition. Sometimes we forget about reality. The reality of prayer is it is often deeply personal.  It is often wretched with tears. It is often through pain.  It is rarely at the same time of the day. It is minute by minute, hour by hour. It is what keeps us connected with God. I do not know if God answers my prayers any quicker than anyone else.  Some prayers are answered immediately.  Things such as should I take this way or that way are immediate.  Sometimes there is no answer when I ask that question.  I always take that to mean it does not matter, but sometimes on occasion there is a strong impulse to Not go a certain way. There is not a magical formula for prayer.  There are examples of prayer: Such as the Lord’s prayer, many of the Psalms of David are prayers.Jesus gave us advice on prayer.  Prayer is for us, it connects us with God.   The one thing I can tell you about prayer is it is necessary.  Prayer is for us, it connects us with God. One last thought, Each prayer is different but it should be from the heart.

When we pray for each other, we have to depend on the Spirit because we have absolutely no idea what the person for whom we are praying needs, unless the Spirit tells us. We just know they need prayer. Oh sure we know what they asked us to pray, but only God knows what is best.


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