Filter, the eye of the beholder.

What filter do you use in your daily life?  Most of us have some sort of moral filter, a line we won’t cross.  But what filter do you use when you meet someone new. Do you try to see people as they are, or do you see people through your own filter? The answer most people give is I try to see people as they are, but the truth is, we see people through our filter.  When you go to the store and you see someone dragging three small kids around, one is screaming; do you think oh, that poor woman, or oh those poor children. Maybe she looks out of sorts because one of those (the screaming one) is sick and she has been sick or is sick and she finally had to go to the store because they are out of vitals?  Maybe she is a single mom and this is her only chance to go to the store? You might say, no I know that woman; her house is always a mess, her kids go to school in rags, and rarely seem to get breakfast. She is just lazy. The question is why? and what have you done to reach out to her? Oh sure there are lazy slobs everywhere you go.  There are people who despite all efforts can’t seem to get it together. Maybe it was just the way they were raised. It is hard to rise above your upbringing. Sometimes, I have trouble just combing my hair, I have to go out, there are errands to run, what am I going to do just stay at home?  I remember one experience at a fast food place. It was Friday, it had been a long week. My husband had worked some crazy shifts, so I had to pick up our son from work every day at 11 PM, when I get up at 4:30 AM.  Our son has Aspergers and does not drive. Not for a lack of trying on his part, it is just the testers make him nervous. We tried to get his case worker to go on the test but that wasn’t allowed. On top of that, I worked 4 out of 5 days, as a substitute it was all short notice. I was exhausted. Not wanting to make dinner, we decided to go out and get something to go. The place we chose would only do an 8 piece bucket, when we asked if they would just keep the wings, the cashier became very irate.  I know I looked a mess. But they said it will cost you fifty cents per wing to not receive the wings. That was the straw; I yelled seriously, you want to charge me more money to get less?  The manager came out yelling saying I can’t allow my situation to justify yelling in her store.  I looked at the manager, it is not my situation that caused that out burst it was your unfair policy.  Remember I said I looked a mess? because the next person in line asked for the same thing and was treated very well.  They after all were in a suit and tie. They did not look as if the week had beat them up. We stormed out without paying, without taking our purchase. We just left and went somewhere else. I happen to know the guy that was behind us, I know his company just laid him off and he was seeking a cheap meal because he was looking for work. See it is all in the eye of the beholder.  The cashier saw a well dressed man and a couple that looked as if they had been through the ringer, and treated them according to her perception of ability to pay or to come back.

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