Is it really about the pain?

Every day the news – Pain Pain Pain ugly ugly ugly.  Oh sure some of the reports spend three minutes on an upbeat story.  We listen to pain battles, my pain is bigger than yours. Well I want to talk about Joy.  On the heel of Easter, Jesus is alive. He arose. There is no greater joy than knowing the Messiah. No greater joy than having the peace knowing that I don’t have to make decisions by myself.  Of Course, I have my husband to discuss things with but ultimately the decisions are made through prayer. And since the Holy Spirit lives in me, I have a direct door to speaking to God in the name of Jesus. Having made decisions without Jesus’ guidance, I can tell you that the decisions made with His guidance are better.  It doesn’t mean that I won’t make mistakes or that sometimes things won’t be sucky.  But it does mean my decisions are made more carefully.  See the thing is too many things were decided based on the monetary gain. But when things are decided through spiritual consideration, then you know you have given it your full attention. Money is not the focus, what is the right thing to do.


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