Why I wish I had listened to God’s wisdom when I was young.

There are days when the struggle seems overwhelming. There are days when I feel as if I am just managing to walk across the room. There are days when it feels as if everything is crashing.  Then I remember that God is there. All I need to do is pray.  Things might still be hectic, but now I have peace. Sometimes the chaos is my fault. I plan more than I can do in a day. I should say, I plan what I could do back before all those things that I used to do caught up with me. No I didn’t do drugs, but there was a period where the bar was my place. Any bar that played what I call Southern Fried Rock, a hard beat, with a country twang, would do. But that was just a short stint maybe 5 years of my life. What I am talking about is pushing myself physically beyond the limit. Ignoring the pain in my ankles has proved to be a huge mistake. I ignored the pain in my shins, I ignored the pain  in my back. I used to be able to do so much. I could clean my whole house,  top to bottom in a matter of a couple of hours. I could prep a whole weeks worth of meals in just an hour. This is where Satan attacks me the most.  Planning what now takes two or three days into one whole day. I used to be the one that could do everything. It came at a huge cost. Now I walk with orthopedic help.  Now my energy is less, I have to take time to eat. one meal a day? Diabetes says no way! get by on five hours of sleep for weeks at a time?  My high blood pressure says No Way!  I struggled with learning my limits. I did not want to accept them.  After several bouts of near Pneumonia,  it does not pay to schedule two to three days worth of work into one.  I have spent a couple of years getting healthy.  I still need the orthopedic props to walk, but I am getting stronger. Maybe someday I will be able to cut my time down to a day and a half.


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