What is a Nicolaitan- a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Revelation 2: 14-16, in the letter to Pergamum; John records that they have allowed followers of the Nicolaitans to remain in the congregation.  Nicholas was someone who skewed the word of God to suit their selfish needs.  It says God hates them.  How do we prevent ourselves from being fooled by such people?  We read the Bible for ourselves.  Nothing will cause me to leave a church faster than listening to the pastor consistently misquote scripture.  Occasionally stating the wrong address to a scripture does not count unless they are completely misquoting scripture. Making a statement that in John 2:10, it says something entirelydifferent from what that verse states, and stating something that is not Biblical and doing this repeatedly  is misquoting scripture.  It is being a Nicolaitan. If we find that we have been fooled by such a person; it is our responsibility to either show them the error of their ways, which they will most likely not hear, or leave their teaching.  Leaving that church is much easier, those who are teaching false doctrines rarely return to God and Biblical teachings. For our spiritual well-being we must leave the environment. The only way to know is to read the word for yourself.


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