To a day almost as important as Easter

Pentecost is an overlooked Christian holiday.  Why should we celebrate a Jewish Holiday?  Because God used this day to give those who believe in his son, the Messiah, the savior of the world; the gift of the Holy Spirit, the helper, the guide.  Upon Salvation, upon baptism, the Holy Spirit is sent to be the great intercessor.  The intercessor is the reason we do not need a priest of a special holy person to pray to God.  Because Jesus’ death and resurrection makes us holy in His sight. (Ephesians 1:4).  Why do we need the Holy Spirit, and why should we celebrate the day he was sent to the world?  Because sometimes we are so grief stricken that we are unable to pray. Or we are at a loss as to what to do.  Think of the Holy Spirit sort of as your cell phone plan to God- The holy Spirit is so much more than just a method of communication, but for this let us focus on this blessing, communication. Not only does the Holy Spirit connect you with God, he translates for us. I know that is confusing. Why do we need translation with God? Have you ever had a time when you just did not know what to say, and then all of the sudden a verse pops in your head, you hear a song on the radio of you just know? That is the Holy Spirit tapping into your subconscious. Connecting the thought with the unthought, connecting our training from reading God’s word to what we need at that moment. IS this all possible without the Holy Spirit? Maybe in a quieter world, without constant noise and something that needs done. But in John 16: 7-10, when Jesus promises the advocate, the Holy Spirit will be sent, John 16: 13-15, Jesus tells us what the Advocate will do.  It is worth celebrating because we all need God’s help


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