Celebrating the 4th as a Christian

Today is the fourth of July. What does that mean to me as a Christian?  It means I live in a country where I have the right to chose religions.  Where I have the right to say any dumb thing I chose. Where I have the right to do a lot of dumb things. Being a Christian does not take away those rights. Being a veteran does not take away those rights.

Although being a veteran Christian, who forefathers fought for freedom, does mean I face discrimination. Mentioning any of it at a job interview means that I probably won’t get the job.  I won’t deny any of it.  I am a Christian who served this wonderful country for a bit more than 12 years.  Had an argument with a HMMV (military) or it would have been a career. I am a Christian whose comes from a rich line of Christian veterans. I might be the first woman in my family to serve, although my Mother-in-law is a veteran Christian. The point is except for extreme radicals who are willing to blow themselves up; everyone has the right to their beliefs. Even if I do not agree, which by the way, is another right. The ones that are willing to blow themselves up, are infringing on the rights of others. That is not okay. No one has the right to harm another person. NO ONE.  What about war you say?  I see that as protecting my rights to celebrate in a manner that I chose.  Without those willing to fight, we would have been run over a century or more. Without Jesus Christ, there wouldn’t be any hope. It is more important to me that I am a follower of Christ than a veteran, a wife, a mother, or anything else I might be.


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