The Ridiculousness of it All- a Satire

All this talk about hate groups has caused me to pause and wonder where does it stop?  Personally, I feel that any group that uses violence to protest another group is a hate group.  I do not care what color, race, or creed that group holds, hate is hate.  Destruction of private or public property in the name of protest is violence and is wrong.  But lately, I have been hearing some really disturbing protests.  For example an Asian American football announcer in  Virginia was pulled.  Why?  His name is Robert Lee.  I am thinking are you serious?  Do you know how common that name is?  Is everyone whose last name is Lee a racist by association of name?  There are people of all colors with that last name.  Many are not even related to General Robert E. Lee.  Lee is a common Asian name. There are African-Americans with the last name of Lee.  There are whites with the last name of Lee.  Does their name make them racist?  I hope not, because then everyone with the last name of White is in trouble.

Then there is the USC football mascot – just happens to be a white horse with the name of Traveler. Robert E. Lee’s horse’s name Traveller and just happened to be white.  They are considering pulling the mascot because of this loose connection.  A horse is racist because it is white or because its name is similar to a horse that was around 100 years ago?  My response is this is ridiculous.  This was similiar to a movement by Native Americans a few years ago.  Thank goodness they weren’t protesting white horses because after all it is the name of one of their greatest warriors,  “White Horse”.  I can just hear it now let’s get rid of all the white horses because they are white and white horses are racist.

If we do not stop this madness we are in for some trouble, because while we are so busy trying to be politically correct, we are forgetting lessons of history.  Or have we forgotten about things such as the underground railroad?  People such as Harriet Tubman and the mostly white Pennsylvanians that helped her?  Have we forgotten about the Holocaust? Have we forgotten about people such as Oskar Schindler?  The people he hid, or Anne Frank?

The saying: The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing has taken new meaning for me after hearing about the Asian American football announcer that was fired from his job just because of his name.  This had absolutely nothing to do with the man himself.  The article did not say anything about his political views, or who he may or may not hate.  But when a seemingly good person is accused of being racist just because of his name, well it is time to say enough is enough.

Otherwise where does it end, are we going to call white crayons racists?  How about white paint? Oh and what about white cars, white houses, (not including the one in D.C.), or white bread?  You can’t eat white bread or you are a racists. And let us not forget an Asian dietary staple- white rice.  Asians may no longer eat white rice or they are racists.



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