Step Two: Trust

Mary’s response: Luke 1:38: “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her.

Mary said I am the Lord’s servant.  Followed with You are Lord do as You will.  I had to pause to think about the profoundness of her words.  She is saying yes Lord I will do as you ask.  No provisions.

Following God without Question is hard.  I mean God might ask you to talk to someone you do not like. He may ask you to go somewhere dangerous.

When God asks do you question? Zechariah question and God closed His mouth.  Luke 1:18.

There is a big difference in Mary’s question in Luke 1:34.  Mary asked How will this happen. Zechariah asked How can I know what you are saying is true.

Questions are not bad, but don’t doubt what God is saying. When we ask how will I do this thing that you have asked me to do God, we are planning.  Planning is important to success.  When we fail to plan failure is imminent . If you feel as if God is telling you go do something say yes, but don’t be afraid to ask God the details.  Maybe the first time we heard, we missed something.  Or maybe God wants you to walk on faith.

There have been times in my life where success really depended on the response of someone who may not be faithful. In these situations, praying for favor is important. It is a big part of the battle plan.  If they say no, God may say okay try this venue, or he may say you’ve planted a seed now back off and see what happens.  Did you know seeds can lie dormant for years?

Sometimes all we are able to do is plant seeds.  Occasionally, we are able to sit on the sidelines and see the seed we planted grow and bear fruit.  On even rare occasions, we are able to help the seed, water the seed, and be there for all the activities of growth.

I have a friend that came to the Lord in her 40’s. That seed was planted years ago. The planter probably did not get to see the growth, and  may not know that she is fruitful.

What about going where speaking about God is forbidden. God may tell you that you are in the wrong job.  Our job is to Trust God as Mary did.






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