My husband used to have a Jehovah witness working with him.  They tried constantly to convert him.  The biggest argument against Christmas   is a pagan holiday.   Saturnalia was a Roman holiday which celebrated  the Winter Solstice, which is near Christmas (December 21).  They decorated trees as do Wiccans.  (Wiccans may do other things as well)

Another argument is Jesus was born in the fall.

My husband’s points:  I don’t think Jesus cares when we celebrate His birth. Christmas teaches children to give freely for the joy of giving.  God gave the Jews celebrations and Christmas is near Hanukkah.  Yes, I know Hanukkah is the festival of lights; but Jesus is the Light of the world.

I prefer to think that we celebrate Christmas when we do near Hanukkah, the Festival of Light, because Jesus is the Light of the World.

I prefer to think of the “Big Red Guy aka Santa Claus” as a teacher. Teaching us that we should have good will towards men, we are supposed to give with a cheerful heart.  After all Jesus loves a cheerful giver.

We allow our children to watch Power Rangers (or whatever superhero children are watching these days).  But to tell a child that Santa Claus is real is a sin.  Santa Claus represents the spirit of giving.  He represents the Love Christ has for us. We give because we have learned to Love.  What do Power Rangers teach? That if you find a magic ring and wear it, you will have special powers.

I think I prefer Santa’s message.  Love your fellow-man. Give to those less fortunate. Care for each other.

Don’t think God told His people to celebrate? Read Exodus, Deuteronomy, or Leviticus. God told us to celebrate because when we celebrate we are joyous and God likes us to be Happy.

Not sure that answers all the questions.  But I celebrate Christmas because the birth of our saviour is important. Yes the wise men brought Jesus gifts. We give gifts to remember. The tree holds my lights reminding me that Jesus is the light of the World. Why ornaments?  It just makes the tree look pretty Maybe there is some reason behind the ornaments.

Holly and Mistletoe?  We bring greenery into our homes to cheer us up. What else is green in England around December? Are you telling me that you have never brought flowers into your house?   The poinsettia?  I am not sure how or when but it is like the bulbs, I am not concerned.  Why?

The true meaning of Christmas is what is important.  Jesus came to the world as a man to tell us about Heaven. He gave us the way there.  He is the Light of the world.  Christmas should be everyday.

Merry Christmas


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