Why should I care about those in jail? They are guilty aren’t they?

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Have you ever heard of Angel Tree? It is a project that helps the children of the incarcerated.  Why should you care about the children of people in jail? 

What about VERA?  They help innocent incarcerated people. They are in jail aren’t they must be guilty!  WRONG!

An article in the Huffington Post suggests that the rate of innocent in jail has gone up.

We have heard reports stating the Public Defenders have large work loads and are unable to properly defend.  The word of the day is plea bargain.  Take the plea even if you are innocent, otherwise you will go to jail.   Faced with that choice, what would you do?  I would take the deal.   That is Cooks County or Texas, not where I live.  Just the other day on my local news station, there was a report that the public defender turns away cases. We are a small town.

In my son’s case, he was guilty of some but not near as much as they charged.  We know he was with us for two of the crimes.  As we sat in court, waiting for his case, I listened to plea bargain after plea bargain.  Some were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and had absolutely nothing to do with the crime, they just resembled the possible suspect. You could see it in their eyes, the look that says yeah sure, I have a family and responsibilities, I can’t afford to go to jail.  So I am pleading guilty just to stay out of jail. Some were guilty.

There are people in jail all over this country for little crimes, such as shoplifting to eat.  I don’t mean shoplifting for profit. I was thirsty so I took a bottle of water type of stuff.

Or the person placed back in jail for a parole violation – they were driving to work. In many states it is illegal for a convict to have a driver’s license for a period of time after getting out of jail.  HOW DUMB IS THAT?  

That being said, Supporting programs such as #VERA, #ANGELTREE, and Prison Fellowship  is important to the health of this country.

There are programs that help when you get out.

Defy Ventures

Reentry programs

Project H.O.P.E.

Jobs for Felons

This article in the Huffington Post has many resources.




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