Resolutions often take Baby Steps

It is New Years Eve, a time to look at everything new. Just as Christ looks at us new each day.

With Christ we have the opportunity to start fresh every single day.

Over the past few days, we have thought about what we want to change in our lives.  By January 31, 2018, many of our resolutions will be forgotten.

When we made our resolutions we were serious but we are human. Life changes take work.

Instead of a big long list of everything you feel that is wrong in your life, try choosing one or two that are very important to you.

Set an implementation plan.  For example if you decided to eliminate caffeine from your life; then make a reasonable plan.

If you drink 8 cups a day of a caffeinated beverage and decided to quit cold turkey, the withdrawal symptoms will be harsh.  (8 is just a number)

Try this instead week one decided to cut back by one or two drinks. Having a plan to slowly decrease the amount of caffeine you drink will help you be successful.

Unfortunately, as soon as we tell someone  we are Christians, they expect us to be perfect. All we can do when we become Christians is to try.

I have heard testimonies When I became a Christian, God took away my desires to ….. fill in the blank.  Sometimes it works that way, people change overnight. But for most people it takes time.

I have spent years working on how I treat people when they irritate me.  At first I resolved to not get angry.  This did not work.  What I had to do was realize that I was a perfectionist and expected everyone around me to want to perform at the same level.  This was unrealistic. I had to work on me.

I had to decide that it was okay for others to not live up to my high standards. It is okay if the cashier puts an item into the wrong bag.  It is okay if they give me the wrong change, if someone pulls out in front of me. Instead of getting mad if they place a box on top of my tomatoes I just reach in and move my tomatoes.

For a while, this worked then I meet a cashier that for whatever reason, was getting ticked off because I moved the tomatoes. I could not figure out how to keep her from being ticked off so I went to a different cashier.  It did not help because then she would make snide remarks to the other cashier about me. This of course hurt my feelings, until one cashier whispered to me, not to worry about her she is mad at everything. Sheis how I was. Now I pray for her.

As humans, we expect a lot from ourselves, add the title of Christian to the mix and all of the sudden we expect perfection.  Not only from ourselves but other Christians.

We can’t change other people we can only work on our own problems. Not only that we have to create a plan on how to change ourselves. Will power is not always enough. I found that out with the grocery store thing, Instead of deciding not to be mad, I had to modify how I responded.  I still get mad, but my response is better and people see me in a different light.

I don’t know if I will ever reach the point before Heaven, that things don’t irritate me.  Yet, I know that with Jesus by my side, I can change how I respond one step at a time. I know that beating my self up over a mistake,  does no one any good. I take the mistakes, look  see how I could have handled it better and then I say forgive me Lord, knowing he does. Knowing that it is sometimes baby steps. Each time I encounter a “box on my tomatoes” I handle it with more grace. (Most of the time)

Knowing that each day brings a #FreshStart #SecondChance.


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