Our works show our faith, God multiplies our efforts.

Yesterday at a leader’s conference a challenge was made to share Christ with others.  I was reminded of how many of my friends post Bible verses on Facebook and other forms or Social media.

How encouraged we all are by friends that share God’s word.  Maybe you are not comfortable sharing specific verses, but Biblical principles.

As Christians, it is more than just our responsibility to share Jesus with others, it is our job.

Sharing verses on social media is just one step.  Sharing Jesus’ love with others is important.  I have one friend that never fails to be an ear for me.  I appreciate her more than she knows.  Sometimes I fail to reciprocate.  When I fail, I am not showing her the same kindness she has shown me.

Praying is another way that we can share Jesus’ Love with others.  There are people for whom I pray that have no idea that I frequently pray for them.  I know the reverse is true. There are people who pray for me and my family without my knowledge. When God’s peace settles upon me, I feel their prayers.

What about strangers, do I reach strangers for Christ?  Do my actions in public represent Christ.  Sadly, I have to answer not always.  That is how you know I am a human still trying for perfection.

What about when we give to programs that help others? Yep we are sharing Christ.

This is called faith by works.  See I know that my one little prayer reaches God.

I know that someone is inspired by verses I post, just as I am inspired by verses others post.

Although our works are tiny, they are multiplied by the efforts of other Christians day by day.


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