But I am not qualified to share the Gospel.

But I am not qualified to share the Gospel. 1 Timothy 4:12: Yet just as Timothy was not too young, or inexperienced neither are you.  The Bible does not tell us Timothy’s age, but he must have been young.  Mark, writer of one of the four Gospels, was believed to be young. David killed Goliath... Continue Reading →


Sometimes chaos wins but that it not the war

There are so many books written about how to hear the voice of God.  But not much is written concerning attacks from the evil one.  No the evil one is not omnipresent, he does however, have many minions.  They roam the world seeking to exploit our weaknesses our insecurities. Are they constantly attacking anyone person?... Continue Reading →

When you have lost that God given feeling of PEACE

1 Peter 5b-6: Don’t be proud and cast your cares upon Jesus.  These verses are warning us against even working closely with people who are proud.  Recently I found myself caught up in a training program which promised to teach me how to be a better public speaker and writer.  I did learn a few things. ... Continue Reading →

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