Our works show our faith, God multiplies our efforts.

Yesterday at a leader's conference a challenge was made to share Christ with others.  I was reminded of how many of my friends post Bible verses on Facebook and other forms or Social media. How encouraged we all are by friends that share God's word.  Maybe you are not comfortable sharing specific verses, but Biblical... Continue Reading →


Why should I care about those in jail? They are guilty aren’t they?

This article contains many informational links. Have you ever heard of Angel Tree? It is a project that helps the children of the incarcerated.  Why should you care about the children of people in jail?  What about VERA?  They help innocent incarcerated people. They are in jail aren't they must be guilty!  WRONG! An article in... Continue Reading →


My husband used to have a Jehovah witness working with him.  They tried constantly to convert him.  The biggest argument against Christmas   is a pagan holiday.   Saturnalia was a Roman holiday which celebrated  the Winter Solstice, which is near Christmas (December 21).  They decorated trees as do Wiccans.  (Wiccans may do other things as well) Another... Continue Reading →

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